3 Amazingly Simple Tricks To Get Rid of Man Boobs

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Melt Those Moobs. . .

She unbuckled his jeans and let them drop to the floor. He tugged his white tea shirt off over his head. She screamed. He had huge, fatty, man tits.

“Quick, get me a bucket I’m going to be sick!”

The look of disgust on her face when she uttered those words haunts him like the ghost of his dead manhood. “How the hell did this happen to me?”

He’d grown flabby and fat without noticing. It had crept up on him. Those junk food meals. The beers. Sitting all day.

Clearly he needed to make changes to my life. But although it sounds crazy, a little voice in his head said ‘Naaaaaaa, why bother?’

What drives a guy – or girl – to lose control and pile on weight? And why do they struggle to do anything about it? Here’s the shocking truth: People are lazy. Who really wants to spend hours in the gym every day crucifying themselves in front of a ton of perfect, fitter, younger guys who point and laugh…

And for some men the thought of getting naked and into the showers is something they can’t face. Particularly when you may not be carrying a butchers finest sausage in your lunchbox, hell, imagine the stick you’d get from the other guys?

Thankfully there is 3-step easy, simple and effective way to vaporize man boobs and tone up in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, without expensive and bulky gym equipment. I’m going to share it right here for free. No con, no catch, no sleazy ‘trying to sell you something’ pitch…

Ready? Buckle in…

STEP 1: Get your weight under control – it’s easier than you think…

God’s honest truth about diets  – what the 20 billion dollar weight loss industry aren’t keen for you (or the 100 million dieters) to know:

Most diets will fail because:

  1. The advice they give is bad and often just plain wrong.
  2. Companies that sell diet and weight loss products don’t want you to slim down and hit your ideal weight – it’s not in their commercial interests. Think about it. They want you to stay overweight.
  3. Their ‘diet plans’ are almost impossible to follow for very long because they restrict you from eating certain nutrients or foods your body needs. And these needs translate to strong cravings because your body’s basic survival mechanism is calling for them. It’s a strong force that only very exceptional people can resist.

But there’s good news too. You can lose excess weight without the torture of one of the crazy diet plans, and it’s stupid easy to do. You’ll kick yourself here… But eating 500-800 calories less each day than your body needs will give you safe, steady weight loss. That might sound like a a lot of calories to drop, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to adjust to just by cutting down the portion sizes and resisting snacks and extras.

Here’s the beautiful part of dieting this way: You can eat anything you like as long as you keep those calories in range. It doesn’t matter if it’s carbs, fats, sugar, roast swan or donkey casserole. Sounds too good to be true, right? Be prepared to be gobsmacked…

Let me introduce you to professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, Mark Haeb. Back in 2010 the prof proved you could lose weight by eating a “convenience store diet” of Oreos, Doritos, Twinkies and other sugary snacks – basically crap with no real nutritional value. He restricted his calories to 1800 per day, and added in some important vitamins and supplements, and something rather remarkable happened to his body…

He lost 27lb in 2 months. Let me drive this home. This is not some kind of hooky pitch from a snakeoil sales man – he’s a professor of Human Nutrition and he’s just proved that you can lose weight eating what you want! No special  foods, no nazi type diet restrictions. No snack is off limits. The bottom line here, keep the calories down, enjoy what you like, and watch the weight – and moobs – fall right off.

We don’t really need to say anything else about diets – that’s all you need to know. Well, almost. One final point that’s important. Apologies if you already know this: Your body can actually only reasonably lose 1lb of body fat per week. It’s just the way your metabolism works, and you can’t cheat it – even if you try starving yourself. In fact restricting your calories to a stupid low level will just result in your body shutting down into ‘starvation’ mode, and you’ll hardly lose any weight at all.

Right at the start of a typical diet plan it’s not unusual to see people lose as much as 12lb a week for the first few weeks. But the truth is this is mostly water and muscle – not fat. Yep, heavy dieting melts away muscle and leaves the flab behind. That’s why it’s important to lose weight slowly without extreme dieting. You’ll also find the slow approach is more likely to work long term, be sustainable for you, and less likely to leave loose, stretched skin hanging from your frame like an old pair of curtains.

STEP 2: Exercise, without punishment.

The gym can be an intimidating place. Many guys won’t venture into one for fear of appearing ‘less of a man’ than other guys. Nobody wants to feel bad about themselves. Thankfully you don’t really need one. 15-45 minutes of exercise at home every day, broken down into batches, will serve your needs and get you on the right track. If you work a little harder you can achieve more – but keeping it regular, and not bailing or cheating yourself,  is the mother of your success.

For moobs we’re interested in upper body, and the starting point for that is push-ups. If you find these too hard start off doing them against a wall. Remember, doing 10 against the wall is better than none on the floor.

And get some cardio going. You don’t need an expensive trainer, bike or treadmill. One of the best thing for this is steps and stairs. A few minutes walking up and down a flight or tow will get the heartbeat up, and work out your legs & lower body all in one.

Finally, throw in some bicep curls with weight/resistance. If you can run to it grab a good old fashioned bull worker, or chest expander, is the one bit of kit useful to have. At first you’ll find it hard to move and hold – but with practice you soon be crushing it like a flimsy tin can, and before you know it you’ll moobs will have been blasted away too gone, leaving just sexy muscle behind.

STEP 3: Get the chemistry right…

With no restrictions on diet or food, it’s important to balance things up with sensible supplements. You don’t need to burn a ton of cash here – a simple multi-supplement will serve you well. Look for something made in the USA – not the sweepings from some factory floor from a poor and dirty corner of the world where standards just don’t exist. Make sure you get the quality – and safety – you deserve.

There are also a number of ‘super supplements’ around aimed squarely at the needs of men. Some of these are just rubbish, some are a scam. Others have a pretty good rap sheet – but they come at a price. Small US producers have to pay top dollar for their ingredients, production, testing, distribution and marketing – so it’s understandable you’ll pay more.  But you’ll also get a far safely product made in a clean and trusted facility right here in the USA.

One of the most popular male supplements on the market is SpartagenXT and it ticks all the right boxes. This isn’t a sales pitch for that product – and the manufacturer is *not* paying me to mention it here. It may be useful to you as it claims to help balance up testosterone and prolactin levels, potentially making it very beneficial in supporting male weight loss, boosting energy levels and getting more out of your performance.

You can learn more about SpartagenXT  *IN THIS VIDEO*

Wrapping It All Up:

There you have it – a free and effective way to get rid of of moobs – and the spare tire around the waist. It’s not actually going to be torture. You can achieve this – there’s nothing standing in your way. Good luck, looking forward to seeing a slimmer, moob free you soon.

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