3 Simple Tips To Last Longer In Bed

By Dick, in Relationship on .

Want to ensure you disappoint your woman in bed, which will result in little or no sex at all? Well failing to get hard is one way to do so, but so is failing to last long.

The average woman needs about 20 minutes of intercourse to orgasm. If she doesn’t get it, she’ll likely have to finish herself off with fingering or a toy, and she probably won’t see you as much of a lover.

If you have problems lasting long, you’re certainly not alone. Hell, nature intended man to come quickly, because back in the caveman days, coming quickly ensured survival. If a caveman lasted long during intercourse, he put himself at risk for being eaten by prey. This is why you can blame your ancestors for being a one-minute man.

To help you overcome your lack of endurance, let’s take a look at three simple tips that should help you last longer:

Note: You won’t see “think about something other than sex or something gross, like your grandma naked” in this list. Doing so makes it impossible for you to focus on pleasing your partner. In other words, it’s counterproductive.

1. Change your speed – Her warm, wet hole feels like paradise wrapped around your pecker. For this reason, it’s important to slow down when you feel like you’re about to come prematurely.

You can use this to your advantage by keeping her on her toes and teasing her. Stop sex mid-way by removing your penis and rubbing it on her clit. The wetness and anticipation alone should drive her wild while you calm down and collect yourself. In addition, that area is loaded with nerve endings to increase her pleasure.

Once you feel like the urge to climax is gone, you can continue penetrating once again. Then rinse and repeat with removing your rod and teasing her until she begs for more. You can also focus on other parts of her body here, incorporating sucking her breasts, kissing, licking up and down her body, or doing oral. Variety is key.

2. Use the 7 and 9 technique – If you don’t want to freestyle your way in bed and want something strict to follow, the 7 and 9 technique can be your best friend when it comes to boosting endurance.

It involves 7 fast pumping strokes followed by 9 slow strokes. Use this exact rhythm to last longer and keep the temptation to climax controlled. Many men have used it to improve their endurance, and it also provides a nice tempo for her to enjoy.

3. Control your depth – The more of your man-meat is inside of her, the more pleasure you will feel. The more pleasure you feel, the harder it may be to control your climax.

When you feel a climax coming on, stop penetrating her so deeply. Instead, focus on the lower part of her vagina and give her shallow thrusts. This incorporates more teasing once again that will turn her on, and it prevents you from blowing your load before you should.

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