Does Testosterone Make You More Attractive To Women?

By Dick, in Health & Sports on .

Have you ever noticed that some guys just have “it” when it comes to attracting women? Maybe they’re not the most physically attractive guys on the planet, but they have a way with women that makes them appear almost magnetic to the opposite sex.

Now before you try to tell me that it’s money or material things that makes them magnetic, it could be in some situations. But for the purpose of this article, we’re going to take a look at the “it factor” as high testosterone.

Testosterone is the male hormone that basically gives you all of your manly traits. The higher it is, the more manly you’ll generally appear not only physically, but in terms of the aura you give off.

Before jumping into the subtle, maybe even unconscious effects high T levels can have on a woman in your vicinity, let’s look at the physical boosts it can give you to make you more attractive to the ladies.

Testosterone increases lean muscle mass and strength. For this reason, many men get testosterone injections or some other form of T-boosting treatment so they can hit the gym hard and build mounds of muscle that makes the girls go ga-ga.

Lean muscle mass will certainly attract the opposite sex, but so will lower body fat, and one of the first places testosterone slims down is your belly. Contrary to popular belief, a beer belly isn’t adorable or sexy. It’s a sign of low T in many males, and many women instinctively look first at a man’s belly for one thing: To ensure it’s as slim and trim as possible. Why? The slimmer the waist, the higher a man’s T levels, and women are naturally programmed to seek men with higher T.

Other physical traits that can result from high testosterone include a deeper voice and increased body hair, both of which are considered to be quite manly and attractive.

What’s another one? Sweat or the scent of it. In a joint study by Wayne State University and the University of Bonn, women were more drawn to men who smelled of high testosterone in their skin oils and sweat. Taking things one step further, women who were at the peak of their fertility and horniness during the study desired those “smelly” men even more.

With all of the physical aspects out of the way, let’s discuss the “it factor” that men with higher T can use to attract women more easily. Some believe that testosterone can boost a man’s ambition or put him on a quest to essentially destroy every obstacle in his way. This is obviously a trait of confidence that many women find to be the number one thing they look for in a man. Studies have shown that men with higher T often do better in social situations, such as mingling at parties or approaching women.

Men with higher T often display more assertiveness. This could be attributed to a slight spike in their aggression, or the simple fact that they feel more confident and aren’t as fearful of rejection as their lower T counterparts. Combine this with the optimism they often show, and it’s no wonder why many women will fall for them.

Last, but not least is conversation. It’s required to conquer most women, and men with higher testosterone tend to control conversations in a manly manner that makes women take notice. In short, they can seem more natural when speaking than men who lack confidence and are nervous when put in front of a woman.

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