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Sex is one of the most natural and enjoyable experiences people can intimately enjoy together. So it’s no understatement to say that Erectile Dysfunction (ED, or impotence) is absolutely heartbreaking for the men and women it effects.

For the man there’s the shame and embarrassment of not being able to perform, along with the loss of respect from his partner. This can lead to a couple splitting up or getting divorced, even after years of being together.

For the woman there’s a sense of rejection. A feeling that if your man really found you attractive he’d be able to rise to the occasion. It can bread mistrust. Perhaps he’s seeing someone else or having an affair? One thing is for sure, even with the best will and patience in the world ED can lead to resentment and drive her into the arms of another man who can meet her physical needs and satisfy her desires.

Bring back that lovin’ feeling – What are the options for treating ED?

1: Pills – Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis
They’ve been around for nearly 20 years now – and although they work for many men, and are tolerated reasonably well by the body,¬† the side effects can range from unpleasant through to dangerous. They are also expensive and their effectiveness can fade with time.

2: Penis Injections
Some men injecting the prescription drug Alprostadil into the base of the penis to get an erection. It can be extremely painful and leave a burning sensation.

3: Muse (medicated urethral system for erection)
For men who can’t handle injecting their family jewels with drugs, there is a dissolvable pellet called ‘Muse’ available, again on script. This is inserted¬†directly into the urethra and can give an erection lasting up to an hour. Side effects include burning and bleeding.

4: Penis Pumps
The classic vacuum pump has been around for years. It helps men achieve an erection by creating a lower pressure around the penis, allowing blood to easily enter the shaft. A ring is then fitted to the base to effectively stop the blood escaping and the penis going soft.

5: Surgical Implant
This sounds quite disgusting: The penis is cut open, the soft tissue scraped out, and replaced with a balloon. To get an erection the balloon is pumped up with an artificial third testicle. It’s very unnatural.

6: Sex Therapy
For some couples the problem really is ‘all in the mind’ and therapy can help. Unfortunately these tend to be the minority of cases

7: Male Hormone Therapy
Or Testosterone shots/patches. These can help some men where the cause of the ED is diagnoses as low testosterone.

8: Shockwave Therapy
Sonic audio waves are blasted at the penis. This has been found to help new blood vessels grow and improve blood flow to the penis, helping with erections.

9: Herbal Supplements & DIY Programs
The market is awash with herbal supplements & DIY treatments for ED. Some are pure snake oil and scams, but others are promising with good feedback and reports. Here, in no particular order, is a list of all the ED treatments and remedies I’ve been able to find. Most of these offers are provided by genuine businesses and carry a full money back guarantee. But yo avoid being scammed my advice would be to use a credit card – never send cash , money orders or wire/bank transfers. With a credit card you can raise a chargeback or dispute and get your money back if you should find the offer does not live up to expectations.

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